Phill Martin Cosmic Shimmer Shimmer Shaker Grass Green

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Shimmer shakers from Cosmic Shimmer

Shimmer Shakers from Cosmic shimmer. Shimmer Shakers are a dry powder containing mics and pigment which can be combined with water or other mediums to create beautiful effects. Sprinkle onto your project and spray with water or wet the paper first for a different effect. Combine with mediums to create sparkly paints. So many techniques to try out! They can also be mixed with other colours from the range and also other Cosmic Shimmer products to create an even wider range of colours variations and effects. Shimmer Shakers come in a bottle with a secure flip-top lid within a screw cap lid which keeps the powder safe and makes them less messy than some other products also allowing for very controlled application so the product goes exactly where you want it. There is a range of 20 colours to choose from.

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