Welcome to our frequently asked questions page regarding our personalised stamps, here you will find questions and answer that are frequently asked. If you still have questions please dont hesitate to contact us

On Your Stamp Personalisation How many characters can you fit?

We do not have an exact character limit as it depends on your desired font size and layout. We can usually fit in your requirements but if you have a particularly long Personalisation on a smaller stamp it is best to check prior to ordering. Font sizes may be reduced to accommodate longer personalisations.

What parts of the stamp can you personalise?

We can only personalise the text elements. We cannot change any of the other stamp elements except by prior arrangement.

What do you need to know regarding my personalisation?

Please be as clear as possible when letting us know your personalisation. If you simply put a name we will include other standard elements e.g. If it is a “handmade by” stamp and you just send us your name we would include the “handmade by” part by default. If you do not want this please say

Do you send a proof?

We can send proof by request but do not send one as default to avoid unnecessary delays to your order.

How do I use my stamp?

Your stamp will arrive with instructions on how to use it, clean it and store it. Below is a link to a video showing you how to use your stamp.

Does the stamp come with ink? What ink can I use with my stamp?

The stamps are not self-inking and ink pads are not included in the order but can be purchased from us separately. You can use most ink types such as pigment, dye, alcohol and oil based.