Create your very own vintage inspired Cameo

Vintage inspired MDF decorated Cameo with matt paint and pearl wand


MDF Cameo

White gesso

Matt brown paint

Nude/skin coloured paint

Paint brush

Pearl wand – hot magenta


Sand paper

Let’s get started:

Start by applying two layers of gesso with a paint brush (if you don’t have gesso you can use white acrylic paint instead), this is to prime your surface and helps with the end result.

When your gesso has dried you will need to mark out the various parts of the design, it is easier do mark out the hair first and then work out where on the neck you want the choker to be. On my design I added a hair clip/piece so that I could add a bit more colour to the design, but you can just leave the hair on its own.

Cameo with marked out facial features

Once you have worked out your various parts you can start painting both the hair, choker and skin, both of these needed two layers. It is best to use a smaller paint brush, so you can follow the pencil mark.

When you have done both layers and they have dried use your sand paper to rub the edges of the shape so that they look worn and then sand over the top of the paint again making it look worn and old. You do not need to do this all and not to the same levels, you can also use a sharp object to put scratches into the shape and chip away at the paint.

When you are happy with the scratches and chips in your shape and on your design, you can add the details to the choker and hair accessory if you have decided to add any. For mine I used the pearly wand all over the area and then when it had dried I added random dots as though they were beads, I made the dots random and uneven and add the effect of old and once the pearl wand had dried I scratched the dots slightly and then sanded over the top of the whole design again.

You can add as many or little scratches as you wish, if you have any other ideas on adding a vintage look to a design please leave a comment below.