Valentine's Day Decorated MDF Cupid

What We Did:

The first thing to do is prime your surface by painting a layer or two of gesso onto your mdf cupid and leave to dry.

After the gesso has dried mark out the different areas of the cupid such as the hair, nappy, wings and bow and arrow. After that we started to paint the different areas (including the side of the shape): wings, nappy and bow gold, this again took two coats, but you may feel it needs more. Next is to paint the arrow, we painted the end fuchsia then the rest gold, and then created a nude colour and painted all the body parts, guess how any layers? Yep, that’s right 2! The only area that should not have anything painted on it is where the hair will be.

When the paint has all dried, it is time to add the sparkles and some hair. The best way to emboss all the various parts of the shape is to use an ink pen to make sure you get all the details. For the wings, nappy and bow and arrow we used the “golden flame” powder, the end of the arrow has the “shocking pink” and the hair is “banana split”.

For more information on embossing please check out previous blog posts.