Someone Special Handmade Card

Handmade someone special card using stencils (butterflies and hearts) embosing and layering


Pre-cut/folded white card

White card

Butterfly pattern craft paper

Fairydust Stencils & Masks – Butterfly Background

Fairydust Stencils & Masks – Hearts Background

Extra Sticky Double-Sided Tape 3mm

Cosmic Shimmer Colour Cloud Blending Ink Blue Lagoon



Versamark Pen (Embossing pen)

Versamark Small Embossing Ink Pad

Wow Embossing powder – Hot Gossip

Wow Embossing powder – Midas Touch

Sentiment stamp

Mini Smoothies

How to make:

To start with you need to measure and cut the top layer to the size of your stamp. The size we used was 12.6cm x 6cm. Then you will need to measure and cut the other layers to fit around your top layer, the layer underneath was what we used the butterfly craft paper for we made this the same width as our top layer, but the height was 19cm. Our bottom layer was folded white card with a scalloped edge which was 21cm x 14.8cm.

Next, it’s time to emboss your sentiment on the top layer. For this you need to take your embossing ink pad to the stamp and dab it all over the stamp until you have an even coverage. You should then stamp it onto the centre of your top layer. Then pour powder onto it (we used wow embossing powder – Hot Gossip), get rid of the excess powder and then heat until it’s melted.

You will the need to attach your top layer and second layer together. To do this we used extra sticky double-sided tape (3mm) around all four edges of the top layer to apply to the second layer.

It is now time to emboss the butterflies onto the white card layer. Position your stencil over your card and to keep it in place use masking tape. Dab your embossing ink pad over the butterflies that you wish to use (use the embossing ink pen to get their antennas if the pad won’t reach it) and make sure you have even coverage. You may find it easier to do one butterfly at a time. Pour on the embossing powder of your choice (we used wow embossing powder – Midas Touch), get rid of the excess powder and then heat until it’s melted.

To finish your design, it’s time to add the heart pattern. For this you need to position your stencil over your card (place the card on scrap paper or a mat) and keep it in place with the masking tape. Press your mini smoothie into the ink of your choice (we used cosmic shimmer cloud blending ink – Blue Lagoon), dab off the access onto your mat and then blend the ink of the stencil. Think of it as the same movement as polishing your shoes. The cloud inks only need 30 seconds or so to dry.

Finally, it’s time to attach your base layer and third layer together. Again, to do this we used extra sticky double-sided tape (3mm) and placed it around all four edges of the second layer to then apply in to the base layer.

Card sentiment - someone special embossed onto card

And you are finished…