MDF Heart Cut Out

Make this gorgeous heart keepsake for Valentine's day.


To start with you will need to gesso your shape with 1 Or 2 layers to help prime your surface and help improve your finished project.

When the gesso has dried you need to paint your shape with the Shy Violet paint, this will need 2-3 layers depending on how thick it is applied due to It being a light colour. Making sure you paint the sides of the shape as well.

MDF Heart Cut Out 2

When it has dried place your stencil and use your stencil tape to hold it in place. Dab your ink pad over the design making sure it is even and spread all over the wording. Gently remove the tape and stencil and pour over your powder, get rid of the excess powder and heat until it has all melted.

To finish your design, slowly and carefully go around the cut-out heart with your pearl wand making dots and then do the same around the edge of the heart and done!