Handmade New Years Table Decoration

Getting started:

The first thing to do is prime your letters, you can do this with either white gesso or white paint (we would recommend gesso). before you apply anything to your letters it is a good idea to gently wipe them with either a baby wipe or damp cloth, this helps if there are any burnt parts on the mdf.

While the letters are drying you can start the base of the design (mdf plaque), to start with i painted the plaque a dark matte blue on the top and sides. i wanted the blue to be as dark as possible but still obvious that it is not black.

When your letters are dry you can start to emboss them (a brief explanation on embossing can be found at the bottom of the page). if they are not completely dry, then you can use your heat to help them dry faster.

You will need to emboss all sides, front and back as all will be seen.

When you have finished all your letters you can finish your base, for this i painted over the dark blue using imagination crafts: starlights – turquoise.

Again, leave it to dry, using the heat tool if you want to hurry it up.

Once everything is ready you can glue it all together.

The best way to do it is start at the back with the word “happy” and glue each letter at a time holding them in place for roughly 30 seconds and apply some heat to help it set and then repeat for the next letter. the letters will over lap slightly and will need a lot of glue but don’t worry if it goes everywhere it will dry clear.

When you have completed your first word “happy” you can move onto “new” for this repeat the same as before. when you get to the last word “year” you will need to do it backwards to get the positions right, by this i mean do the last letter first “r”.

It will need to be left overnight to dry.

When i made mine, i added more glue along the bottom of the letters to give them extra support.


Embossing powders are made from plastic, once they have been applied to the surface the heat tool is used to melt the plastic so that it sticks to the area and has a slight gloss effect.

You will need to use your ink pad or pen to apply your powder and then shake the excess powder off onto a scrap piece of paper and the pour it back into your container.