Mother’s Day MDF Quote

Simple but cute handmad gift for Mother's Day using MDF

Mothers Day quote/handmade gift using MDF


MDF Mums Were Flowers - Medium (150mm x 68mm)/Large (250mm x 167mm)

Blank MDF Quote "If mums were flowers i'd pick you" with flower

Gesso – White

Paint brush

Cosmic Shimmer Matt Chalk Paint - Shy Violet

Cosmic Shimmer Matt Chalk Paint - Coral Glow

Pinflair Glitter Wand – Purple


Like all MDF projects we recommend priming your surface using white gesso this will help to stiff and prep your surface for when you start to paint.

When your MDF is primed it is time to paint. The colours you use, and the pattern is personal preference but as its Mother’s Day it is best to stick with pale colours (purple is very popular for Mother’s Day), we painted the words we wanted pink first and then let it dry. The paint will need two layers to get the full effect of the colour.

When the pink was finished and dry we then painted the rest of the words purple, again this will need two layers.

When you have painted all the words check of you have even coverage and the colours are as you want them i.e. Do you want to do another layer? You will also need to paint the sides of the quote as most are visible, this can be a bit tricky so might best to do this first, so you can correct any mistakes if need be.

Mothers Day quote/handmade gift using MDF

And then its time to finish up….

To add a little sparkle, we used a purple glitter wand to go around the edge of the flower at the end, this requires a steady hand (I had to practice when I first used a wand to steady my hand and to make sure it was neat).

Mothers Day quote/handmade gift using MDF with glitter wand

You could use the wand in other places for example around the word “mum” or “flowers” maybe?

Maybe you could add a self-adhesive gem or pearl in the middle of the flower?

The options are endless!!