Looking for ideas for Easter Crafts?

Check out our Easter MDF Chick

Decorated Easter Chick using chalk cloud ink and sparkle medium

What we used to decorate:

Cosmic Shimmer Matt Chalk Paint – Saffron

White gesso

Paint brush

Cosmic Shimmer Chalk Cloud Blending Ink – Blue Lagoon


Imagination Crafts Sparkle Medium – Pastel Yellow

WOW! Embossing powder – Banana Split

Versamark embossing ink pen

Masking tape

Heat tool


Getting started:

Like all projects it is best to start by priming your surface. You can do this by adding two layers of white gesso or painting two layers of acrylic white paint.

When you have finished priming your surface and left it to dry you can start lightly marking out the different sections of the shape using your pencil i.e. the chick and the egg. When you are happy with the marked-out areas it is time to paint the chick using the saffron paint, it may need two layers but if your inpatient like me you can use a heat tool or hair drying to help dry the paint faster.

Now you have the base of your chick it is time to start on the shell. You need to make sure all the paint is dry first, then use your masking tape to mark out the edge of the painted area. This will be a little bit difficult as it won’t be a straight line, but it will make it easier in the end. Once the masking tape is in place blend your cloud ink over the area that is the shell in a circular motion (kind of like polishing). You don’t have to use cloud ink, you can just paint it, but we love using the cloud ink.

The cloud ink only takes 30 seconds or so to dry but just make sure it is dry we are going back to the chick before we finish the egg.

To finish the chick, we added some sparkle using the sparkle medium by Imagination Crafts. You can apply this in many ways such as a palette knife or flat surface, sponge or with your fingers. Rub the sparkle medium over the chick until it has even coverage and you are happy with the amount of sparkle.

And then we go back to the egg shell. Using your Versamark pen create dots all over the shell area, these can be any size (all the same or all different) and you can position them randomly or in straight lines it’s up to you. When you have your dots, all dotted you can emboss the banana split powder.

And there you go.

Maybe you can draw around the egg shell with a white or black pen?

You could try adding facial features to the chick?