Make your own unique wedding invites using a personalised stamp.

Wedding invites - variuos ideas using vintage stamp

Throughout this post I will be talking about a few different ideas using the same stamp design and materials.

What you will need:

Personalised Laser Rubber Stamp - Vintage Wedding Invite

White card

Various coloured or patterned paper or card

Ink pad

Glue or double-sided tape


When choosing your wedding invite design, you will need to bare in mind how many you will need to make. You will want to find a way to reduce how long it will take you take them, whether this is cutting everything first and gluing everything at the same time or stamping multiple invites at a time.

The colours you use will depend on your theme and the effect you are after and the number of layers you use. For the bottom layer you will need to make sure it is a sturdy card that will support the other layers.

For the first idea I tried two colour combinations, the first being cream, brown and gold. These colours go well with the white card on top and match the design of the stamp. I used pearlescent embossed card on the bottom followed by gold mirror board, this the gold gave the design a bit of colour and made the others bolder. For the other two layers I used two designs from a pad of patterned paper.

The second colour combination being pinks and creams with floral patterns. I used the same as before for the bottom layer and then used two floral papers and a stripped cream sheet. I tried this colour combination twice using different coloured ink.

Layered wedding invites using coloured and patterned paper and card with personalised stamp

(Before I started any of the invite ideas I continuously stamped onto the white card until it was full, making sure that gaps were left in between each design).

To start I drew around the stamped areas marking out where I was going to cut. I used the measurements 5cm x 7cm and then cut out all the rectangles and put them to the side. You can do this first if you prefer but you will make sure you line up your stamp with the lines.

When I had all my top layers ready I moved onto the layer underneath, for this I cut out rectangles at 7cm x 9cm I repeated this for all the layers using the measurements 9cm x 11cm, 11cm x 13cm and 13cm x 15cm.

When you have all your layers cut out start to stick them all together. Personally, I prefer using double sided tape, but you can also do this with glue.

For my other ideas I used luggage tags, measuring 6cm x 12cm. These are very popular at the moment and can used in many ways but also left as they are if you want to keep things simple.

Wedding invites using luggage tags and self adhesive pearls and flowers

To start I stamped all my tags, making sure I was central when I stamped. I then measured and cut the layers 8cm x 14cm and 10cm x 16cm and layered them all up and attached them together. The tags I used came with string attached but you can use any string or ribbon on your invites, a plain shinny ribbon usually works quite well with these types of designs.

Wedding invites using luggage tags and self adhesive pearls and flowers

The final idea I tried starts the same as the others, stamp, measure and cut layers this time at 8cm x 14cm and 15cm x 15cm. this is where it gets slightly different, attach the top layer to the second and put aside. To make sure the layers were in the correct positions I drew a faint line diagonally from each corner using a ruler, not all will need to do this, but I found it helped. When I was happy with my lines I attached the other layers using the lines to help guide me and stuck on the self-adhesive pearls (you could also try self-adhesive gems or flowers).

Then there we go.

I hope some of these ideas help and give you some inspiration, if you have any questions on stamping, ordering your personalised stamp or anything else you can think of please contact us.