Need wedding gift ideas?

Look no further!

Handemade Finished wedding gift ideas using MDF shapes and embossing

At Fairydust we now have 6 designs to chose from when looking for wedding MDF one being bride and bride and another being groom and groom. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be using all these designs plus a few others and hopefully give you a few ideas that you can use for wedding gifts.

Collection of wedding couple designs including bride and bride and groom and groom

For the first design I am using wedding couple numbers 2 and 3. They both have large areas in the middle that can be used for patterns or messages, on mine I have stamped and added messages to the MDF after painting them.

Painting your MDF:

Gesso - White

Imagination Crafts: MDF Paint - Corn Flower

Cosmic Shimmer Matt Chalk Paint - Shy Violet

To start I applied two layers of white Gesso to my MDF shapes and left them to dry (For more information on Gesso and Priming your project, please check the related blog post below).

When the Gesso was dry (If you don’t want to wait you can use a heat tool or hair drier to speed up the drying process), I painted my shapes. Both colours needed two layers to get the full effect of the colour (again, you can use a heat supply to speed it up).

When you have painted the top of your shape, you will also need to do the sides to make sure all the wood is covered and none of the Gesso is on show.

Finally, when the second layer of paint was dried I started to add my messages:

Embossing pen (WOW! Or Versamark)

Small embossing ink pad (WOW! Or Versamark)

Sentiment stamp

Embossing powder (I used “Wow Embossing Powder - Midas Touch” and “Wow Embossing Powder: Hot Gossip”)

Heat tool

I did both messages different ways, one using the stamp sentiment and the other with the embossing pen.

For the sentiment I stamped using the embossing ink pad, added y powder and heated. You could also try adding dates and names to this design (personalised stamps available from our website).

With the pen, I carefully wrote out my message (If you feel you need more help lightly write with a pencil first and emboss over the top), added my powder and heated. Both are simple design that make a great gift for a wedding, anniversary or special occasion.

If you want more information on Embossing, please check out tomorrows post (26.04.18).