Take a look at how we made this Valentine's Day card.....

What we did:

To start, measure your pre-cut white card (unless you already know the size) and work out the sizes you need for your layers of coloured card. the size and shape of your pre-cut card with determine what you chose to do with your layers. we used a tall card so when we cut out our layers we made the first layer a tall rectangle and the second slightly squarer due to the stencil design, but didn’t cut it until after we made the design.

Once you have your measurements ready you can make your design. the best way to use a stencil is to tape it down using stencil tape or masking tape to your piece of card (this is why we cut the card after), this is to make sure it is secure when you are using it. to create our design, we used the cosmic shimmer chalk cloud blending ink lush pink, to use this you need a smoothie or sponge to blend the ink.

The chalk cloud pots have sponges above the ink which you need to press down on to ink up your sponge. once you have inked up your sponge you need use a gentle polishing action over the stencil until the design is covered.

Leave the design for a few minutes just to make sure it is dry (it should dry straight away), and cut the first layer of card and then when it has been left for a while cut out the second layer with the design on it.

Using the double-sided tape attach the two layers together making sure the smaller layer is in the middle of the bigger layer.

Next thread your ribbon through the heart jewels leaving even spaces in between each one. place double sided tape across the back of the ribbon and attach it to the bottom of the first layer tucking the excess ribbon round the back of the card (you might want to position it before you stick it down to make sure it looks correct), then repeat for the top of the card.

To finish, again using your double-sided tape attach your layered card to your pre-cut cut making sure it is central.