Simple, rustic but effective wedding favours

Handmade MDF Heart Wedding Favours using Personalised stamps and versacolour ink pads

Personalised Laser Rubber Stamp - Wedding Favour: Tulip Flower Border

Personalised Laser Rubber Stamp - Wedding Favour: Hearts

Hearts - Small: Laser cut 3mm MDF wooden Shapes

Cosmic Shimmer Matt Chalk Paint - Warm White

Small Ink Pads in various colours

Ink Blending Tool

Ink Blending Tool Replacement Foams – Mini

Baby wipes

Sand paper or block

Paint brush

For this design I wanted to create something that was simple and quick as its quite likely you will have loads to make. It can be done in a variety of colour combinations and any of our personalised stamps.

To start I went against every I normally say and didn’t prime my MDF with Gesso, instead I wiped my shapes down with a baby wipe (This is a good idea to do any way as it removes any burnt areas) and painted a thin layer or white paint and left to dry. I only applied one layer, but you can add more paint if you want the white to be brighter in the centre of your shape when finished.

When all my shapes had been painted and dried I used the sand paper to sand the edges of the heart until the MDF started to show through around the edges (This helps with the fade effect) and then lightly filed over the top of the shape (this adds to the rustic effect), but not as much as I did around the edges just until it felt smooth.

MDF Heart with sanded edges and white cosmic shimmer paint

When I was happy with the base of all my favours I started to add the ink around the edges. To do this I dabbed my ink blending tool onto my chosen ink pad until the foam had even coverage, I then started to blend the ink onto the edge of the hearts by moving the tool in a circular movement. Gradually I moved the tool in towards the centre (not all the way as I wanted the centre white). When you are blending do not reapply any ink otherwise you will not get the fade effect. When the ink had dried (this didn’t take long) I inked up my stamp and printed onto the centre of the heart.

If you want a bit of sparkle (because who doesn’t) try adding a small amount of sparkle texture paste around the edges.

Make sure you find a colour that matches your ink.

Handmade MDF Heart Wedding Favours with added sparkle using sparkle texture paste from cosmic shimmer