Make this cute love heart with paints, MDF craft blanks and stencils from Fairydust.


To start with you will need to gesso your shape with 1 or 2 layers to help prime your surface and help improve your finished project.

When the gesso has dried you need to paint the heart with red paint, you will need to do 2 layers making sure you paint the sides of the shape as well, and then the same on the arrow with the gold paint.

When the paint has dried it is time to do the birds on the heart, position your stencil and use the tape to hold it in position. The design is slightly bigger then the heart so will overlap. Using your sponge dab over the top of the stencil until the design is covered and evenly spread.

Again, leave the paint to dry.

Finally, to add a bit of sparkle emboss the arrow with the golden flame embossing powder.